شاحن ابل الاصلي Wings Wireless Charger | 77

شاحن ابل الاصلي Wings Wireless Charger

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– Multi-functional magnetic wireless charger through which the phone and watch “Apple” can be charged and heard at the same time quickly and safely.
– It has 3 designated places for each device without fear of slipping them to attract it to the phone.
– It has 3 levels of light that work by touch when connected to electricity.
– Equipped with a cooler to avoid overheating the phone during shipping.
– It can be traveled or placed on the office and used anywhere easily.

- Charging the phone and watch "watch Apple and hearing at the same time.
- The phone is charged up to 15 watts, 3 watts and 5 watts.
- Equipped with mechanical magnets to install the phone "horizontally or vertically" and watch movies or series during shipping.
- Supports QI charging standard in order to achieve maximum efficiency when charging the phone.
- Supplied with a quiet night at 3 levels that can be controlled by touch.
- Small size and suitable to place.
- Equipped with USB/C cable.
- Made of ABS + PC.
- Available in black and white

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