شاحن ايفون Stand Wirelessb Charger | 77

شاحن ايفون Stand Wirelessb Charger

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– Multifunctional wireless charger through which the phone, watch and hearing can be charged at the same time quickly and securely, in addition to its small size.
Put it anywhere.
– Gives a blue light when charging with the possibility of placing the phone anchored which helps you to use the phone during charging to watch clips
Video and movies are also without fear of the phone slipping off.

- Fast charging up to 15 watts.
- Charge the phone up to 15 watts per hour and hear up to 3 watts.
- Equipped with 3 designated places for each phone device and the last for the hour and hearing.
- Comes without cable.
- Small size 65 * 110 * 127.8
- Made from Aluminum alloy/silicone
- There are two types of it that support "Apple" and the other that support "Samsung"

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