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FOLD Wireless Charger

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. Multifunctional wireless charger through which 3 devices can be charged at the same time –
.  very distinctive flat-shaped design with the possibility of bending the addition to the possibility of charging the phone  horizontally or anchored without worrying about slipping it –
. Having a dish of Mat where to install the device which helps to better install it –
. Gives it green light when the charger is connected to electricity and changes to blue color when charging devices –
. When an error occurs during the shipment, the light gives it a green alert to change the mode of the device –
. Supplied from the bottom with 4 circuits that help install the charger itself –
. The phone and watch “Apple” can be charged and heard at the same time securely each device in a designated place-

. Shipping up to 15 watts -
. The phone charges up to 15W and "Apple" 5.2W and hearing up to 3W -
. Equipped with USB/C cable -
. Size suitable to place 169 * 74 * 20 -
. It can charge the phone from 8mm away making you charge easily without needing to remove the pod -
. Available Color Black -

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