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Flip Wireless Charger

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It charges any device that supports wireless
and iWatch
and charging for AirPods 2 and Airpods pro.
The current mode can do 15W fast migration
comes with
(1) Overvoltage protection.
(2) magnetic field safe, reliable and not hot.
(3) Independent touch lighting.
Input: 9V-2A / 12V-2A. Output power: mobile phone 5W 7.5W 10W 15W, headset: 5W, clock: 2W

Use the Wireless Charger and Flip Cable to make sure your smart devices are topped up with a massive energy boost, energize them.
Folded 180 degrees for use and rotated 360 degrees for charging.
Soft silicone makes 180° smoothly foldable, wireless charging pad becomes a phone stand in seconds.
When charging, place the phone horizontally for watching movies and vertically for chatting. The charging pad is covered with magnetic attraction devices, even if it is shaken, it will not slide.
It can be used in the office, at home, on the dining table and in the bedroom. Let the charging issue no longer worry and boring. iPhone 14 Pro / Max cannot be supported in a triangle shape due to the camera position enlargement!

3 simultaneous fast charging: You can use the Flip Wireless Charger to charge your devices. We have made a breakthrough in the use of upgraded coils, which can increase the energy conversion rate by 35%. 3 modes of wireless charging station is Phone 10W, AirPods 5W and iWatch. UCOMX built-in wireless charger can replace 3-4 chargers, which is economical and beautiful.
Pay attention to safety and health: many other wireless chargers do not take anti-electromagnetic measures, and internal radiation will spread and cause harm to the human body. This foldable charger adopts professional magnetic insulation paper, no radiation, and can be used by the elderly and children to protect the safety of you and your family. In addition, when the temperature exceeds 104, charging will be interrupted to avoid battery damage and fires.
Note: 1. The iPhone wireless charger can accurately identify foreign objects and the indicator light will flash. 2. This wireless charger is compatible with all wireless mobile devices.

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