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Earth Wireless Charger

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– Multi-functional magnetic wireless charger, with which Magsafe support devices can be charged starting from 12 IPhone, Watch Apple and charging support earphones
– Supplied with overnight and C/USB outlet for charging a fourth device.
– The possibility of charging the phone in a horizontal or vertical mode depending on the choice, which helps to enjoy the views of movies and videos during the charging.
– charges phone from 15-10-5.7W and speaker 2W and 3W
– red light confirms the charger’s arrival with electricity and green color to confirm the charging process with the telephone installation during charging.
Note: (When charging mobile phones, earphones and headphones together, use a maximum 50W adapter to get fast charging)

- Fast charge up to 15 watts.
- Charge the phone 15W, 3W and 2W.
Qualcomm, which helps maintain the battery of devices.
- Equipped with 3 levels of lighting with control by touch.
- Equipped with magnets to install the phone and clock during charging.
- Delivery Power for charging devices by C Type cable quickly and safely.
- USB and type C output by provider
- Made of reinforced plastic.
- Small size and easy to use.
- Available in black.
- One year's warranty.


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