اهم وافضل مميزات الشاحن اللاسلكي Line Wireless Charger

Line Wireless Charger

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– Multi-functional wireless charger in flat cylindrical shape that can be navigated anywhere because it is practical and structured.
– Through it you can charge all your supporting devices for wireless charging whether phone, hearing or watch at the same time safely.
– Two devices can be charged at the same time or a third “watch” device can be charged by removing the back cover and connecting a cable through it securely.
– It is given red light when connected to electricity and blue color when charging.



- Charging up to 15 watts.
- The phone is charged up to 15 watts, 3 watts and hearing up to 2 watts.
- Equipped with USB/C cable
- Available in black and white color.
- Small size 320 * 90/15.5 mm


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