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Galaxy Tab S6 Lite

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This device has a lightweight and slim feeling of confidence, making it easier to put it in the bag, draw your inspirational thoughts by S Pen
Draw and communicate with others via PENUP plus speed in performance, memory size and imaginary energy
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The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite tablet is slim and lightweight thanks to its streamlined metal design and integration into one structure. It is also easy to place in a small bag in a way that confirms its ease of carrying and simple design. Gray, blue or pink.

The S Pen is a set of writing tools integrated into a single instrument. It also has the natural texture of the pen while grabbing it, the low rate of delay during writing, as well as the incredible pressure sensitivity, all of which make it essential to do everything from drawing to editing documents. The S Pen will be nowhere to be placed thanks to the tablet's inclusion of a specially designed magnetic case for the pen.

Writing down lectures using the S Pen is easy to place. When taking notes, you can write them quickly at first, and then change the color of the font later. It may also benefit you to quickly release memos when you save them using searchable tags, and you can even write directly on PDF files to get rid of this mess during memory. And when the time comes, you'll find yourself more organized and prepared than any of your peers.

The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite makes it easy for you to learn individually from your home. Use a pen (S Pen) to quickly write down your thoughts while you watch lectures, and organize your thoughts on Samsung Notes streamlined by modifying window transparency. Keep your academic excellence even from your room.

Enjoy your time at home with the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite by planning, drawing, coloring and sharing your artwork with others via the PENUP app that brings you closer to friends and allows you to get inspired, inspire others and enjoy together despite distances.

Place your tablet in a stylish streamlined cover that befits it. The Book Cover surrounds the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite from all sides and magnetically stabilizes it so you can easily place it in it as you head out. It also includes a special place for the S Pen to ensure that it is not forgotten or lost anywhere.

You can attribute your tablet and adjust your screen so that it is based on one of the two angles of the device cover for easy visibility. Whether leaning on the sofa or sitting in a coffee shop, you can set the screen to see your favorite content with extra comfort.

Go ahead and beat competitors in race after race with this tablet that helps you get the sure win. Quickly upload your games and play them streamlined and keep in touch with others at amazing Wi-Fi speeds. And don't worry about running out of airtime thanks to long-lasting battery life. Also enjoy more spacious space to save your content and files with a scalable MicroSD memory card.

The Galaxy Tab S6 Lite syncs with your Galaxy-class smartphone in a smooth way so you don't miss any incoming connection. It also allows you to respond to urgent text messages, thereby not losing touch with others at all. All you need to do is click on the icon in the Quick Panel to complete the streamlined connection.

Samsung Knox provides amazing defensive security to protect your phone. Ensure that your private data is protected in a comprehensive way from malicious software and attacks through Knox's multi-layer security platform supported by the necessary components

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Blue, Green, Pink