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Body scale tracker

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– Up to 13 analysis of Cody data: in addition to weight calculation and body mass index, you can check 13 different analysis of body data and automatically track daily data trends
Using the smartphone app.
– There are also button covers to protect the phone’s weak controls. Easy connection and automatic sync data with application.
– Measurement data can be synced with application in a timely manner. Effective control distance less than 8 meters.
– Please note that anyone with any electronic medical device that can be worn or grown, such as a pacemaker, should avoid using this device.
– The intended use of this device is for healthy children aged 10 to 17 years and healthy adults.
– This device is a kind of high precision digital humidity monitor for skin that uses the latest bioelectric impedance analysis techniques a small amount of weak flows.
Current across the human body in order to detect biological impression and estimate body mass index, body fat, body water, muscle mass and bone mass.
– The current is constant and does not emit a flash that is the technique of analysing the impact on cheap, safe, non-invasive, toxin-free and harmless works. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and strong reflection.

- Contains 13 analysis of body data (BMI, full body condition report, etc.).
- Identifying and tracking up to 20 users independently.
- Product with 4 high-precision electronic sensors.
- No problem on hard flooring or rug.
- Reinforced glass and large and bright LCD screen.
- Thin design; easy to install.
- A product that ensures easy Bluetooth coupling.

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