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Norshire Mini Tire Inflator

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– Norshirmenblower tyres, motorcycles and rubber ball.
– With Transformed Power Measuring Valve for Inflator Tire Mini
– Switching off automatically upon reaching 80 ° C temperature by temperature monitor to avoid problems due to overheating.
– Smart: Thanks to compact micro computer and condensing OLED screen.
– Norshire blower can measure the current pressure of tyres to make a quick inspection.
– Maintain shipping for a full year.

- Blowing the Arab frame over 1,000 times.
- Charged through the car lighter or through the USB
- Digital screen to clarify the pressure of the frame.
- Shipping 15 DSP per minute.
- It can charge all types of tires.
- Easy to carry and small size.
- Available black color.
- Made of metal.

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