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Smart Keyboard Trio 500

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Multi-device coupling and one-click navigation, Wireless keyboard you can use on the go, Set custom shortcuts for your favorite apps, Access to DeX to increase productivity

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You can connect to three different devices at a maximum time. Enjoy wide compatibility and easy coupling, as you only need one click to navigate between smartphones, tablets and other devices paired with the Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500.
* Keyboard input can be received via Bluetooth as long as the connected device is located in the area space of the BLE (within a circle of approximately 10m radius). But at the initial connection, a pop-up notification for easy coupling is sent to devices within a radius of 1 m. * * Press and hold the Bluetooth coupling key (F7, F8 or F9) on the keyboard for at least 3 seconds. Wait for the LED indicator flash in red, green and blue, then coupling.
Always be ready to get done. The wireless Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500, compact, thin and tastefully designed, offers you a comfortable writing experience wherever you are.
Enjoy shortcuts for your most used apps, and enjoy one-click access with 3 shortcuts. Whether it's your favorite content streaming app or the most used utility app for you, running it doesn't have to go wrong.
By accessing the DeX via the Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500, you can reach anywhere to a computer-like performance and productivity level. You can work with multiple windows at the same time, respond efficiently to messages and emails on a single screen, and achieve achievements beyond hardware boundaries
Operating Method
1- Bluetooth Delivery
2- Click on the pop-up notification
3- Enter the 6-letter booklet


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